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Fitbit app are complaining that the latest update is not letting them get notifications when the phone is in silent mode or vibrate mode. In addition, you can use the app to log your food, water, and caffeine intake, and those who menstruate can track their monthly cycles as well. Swipe up from bottom of the main display on the Fitbit Inspire or Inspire HR and most metrics that appear in the Fitbit app will appear here. Both agents said it was a hardware issue and that my unit was no longer eligible for replacement and that I would have to purchase a new unit. Certainly sensors are improving, but ultimately it comes down to companies finding the edge cases where the algorithms fail and fixing them. Fitbit OS on the watch itself remains very similar to the iteration on the Versa, albeit with slick changes and some visual improvements. Through that app, you can also choose which smartphone notifications to receive so that only the ones you want will buzz on your wrist. If your phone is not set properly to receive notifications, it can be the reason why your Fitbit Versa may seem unable to receive notifications. Fitness tracking is a fitbit not quick view feature.

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