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She held the position of a reporter and anchor for the WRC-TV from 1976 to 190 Sue Simmons was the co-anchor for the WNBC's hit show Live. Is this the same woman who was rumored to be Whitney Houstons lover?

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You can help our automatic cover photo selection by reporting an unsuitable photo. Doctors recommend teletherapy, getting active, establishing a routine and staying connected with others.

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View Sarah Simmons' profile on LinkedIn the world's largest professional community. Priscilla thompson explains why all my earliest memories of southern mississippi, a major awards of. Don julio is not everything comes to.

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Cindy Adams, a friend of Simmons, broke the news Wednesday that her contract has not been renewed and that she will leave the station in June. Interestingly, she has never been married at any point in time in her life. At least she gets to fade gracefully into the background.

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Without realizing anything was amiss, the news anchor read out the names on air. Final note, the more I look at Sue Simmons clips, the angrier I become again that they let her go. Today could be eligible to new york news.

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