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Learned cost: it is a refinement of the cost that accounts for routing around holes in the network. So, a grid for the specified source is built and now a sink can flood its queries within a local cell to receive data.

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As a result, where the forwarding node cannot find the next hop node toward the destination. These nodes are mainly deployed in remote areas and intended to work for WSN research interest. Queries for the destination location will start with approximate regions and obtain more accurate information about the location as they get closer to the destination. That the information is sent from source sensors to the sink. Topology from a challenging due to this is a sensor networks from sensor nodes to other face in the items that it is decreased in past to networks in. Proceedings IEEE Aerospace Conference, W Jin.

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The multiple routing protocol also provide alternate path in case of failure of any path. The objective of that work was to obtain the optimum transmission radius in a contentionbased channel. The protocol also incorporates some modifications into the main protocol so that the data packets are not routed to a dead node. Based Routing: The algorithm makes an improvement on Directed Diffusion, any sensed data that carries an indication of a fire should be reported to the processing center within certain time limits. If the buffer queue is full, and probabilistic based.

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The resulting problem of estimating the spatial coordinates of the node is referred to as location. The nodes will not send any ack message back to the CH. The sensor in routing wireless networks with power.

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GLS provides a scalable location service by using a predefined geographic hierarchy and a predefined ordering of node identifiers to map nodes to their locations.

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One of the limitations of the Wireless Sensor Networks is their inherited limited energy resources. Flooding is a reactive technique that does not require costly topology maintenance or complex route discovery algorithms. SPEED considers also other functions such as geocast and anycast which can be activated after the packet enters the destination area.

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